Corin Riggs

First Impressions

Corin Riggs is gorgeous! Beauty is subjective to a degree so you might not find her as attractive as I do but I already know that she´s near the top of my list of the most beautiful solo girls online. She has one of those bright, sweet smiles that immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel at home. She has an incredible body with a nice set of perky tits and a great ass. She has shimmering brown hair and from the preview pictures and clips it´s clear she´s a playful girl willing to have some fun with her fans and members.

Hot Promises

The six most recent updates are teased on the main tour page and you get hot shots of Corin´s ass, face, smile and parts of her breasts. She promises you a new picture set every Monday and a new video every Wednesday. She promises live interactive webcam shows and lots of extra stuff like her Twitter feed and MySpace page. She mentions that she takes member requests for videos if you have something specific that you want to see her do. It seems like her site is going to be a whole lot of fun if she can deliver on even half that stuff.


There´s a chat window that greets you when you log in. You can leave a message for Corin and she seems to answer most of what her members write and ask so it´s a good way to get in contact with her. The five most recent updates are listed on the main page with a little bit of info about them ? how many pictures, how long a video, etc ? and below that you can find her journal entries. The journal is a little annoying to read because it´s in such a small box. When she posts a thumbnailed picture you can´t even see the whole thing. The journal should be on a separate page. It´s pretty cool that she posts candid and nude pictures in the journal though.

The chat box shows up at the top of every page and I found it a little annoying. It means more scrolling and you really don´t need to see it that much. If you want to chat you can go back to the main page. Aside from that the site is well designed and pleasing to the eye. There´s a nav bar below the chat box that takes you to the relevant content sections and everything loads quickly. I ventured into the picture galleries first because I wanted to see the high resolution shots of this pretty girl.

The first content set was added on December 27, 2009 so the site is less than two months old. So far she has stuck to the update schedule and I would assume that it will continue until she stops doing the site (which happens with almost every solo model). It would be a shame if she ever stopped though; Corin is staggeringly pretty and watching her play on camera is fantastically arousing. There are 20 picture galleries to enjoy so far and they display at 1400px. They generally have 50-100 images and there´s a zip file for download if you want that permanent copy.

The galleries use a Shadowbox browsing script. You click the picture and the background darkens. A white box opens to the size of the image and then after a few seconds it loads. It´s not my favorite type of browsing, if only because it seems to take longer than a traditional system. It gets the job done though. Corin Riggs is a solo model and in her picture galleries she puts on a variety of sexy outfits with the intention of arousing you. In my case she´s been successful each time.

There are five bikini galleries so far and when you see her body in a two-piece swimsuit you´ll understand why. She has perky breasts that look like big C cups and of course she would want to model them in something so skimpy. She´s typically in a thong bikini to enhance the booty. There are a couple of cute bra and panty sets where she manages to expose a whole lot of skin and look damn good. She brings out her lingerie every once in a while. For Valentine´s Day she posed in a red satin corset and a red thong. She also wears a beautiful black slip in one set that makes her tits look breathtakingly beautiful. Sometimes Corin dresses in something more casual too so she manages to represent just about every desire.

It´s a shame that Corin doesn´t let you download her videos. It´s kind of baffling, in fact. Right now your only option is to stream the 10 movies she has up (growing weekly). The stream is a nice Flash player and it works well but the value is significantly less if no hard copy is available. What makes it even more baffling is that there´s actually a space for the downloadable file. There´s a graphic that says Download Hi Res. Below that graphic there´s nothing though.

There´s still reason to watch though. Corin Riggs is really, really hot in case you didn´t already know and her videos are personal and sexy. In one you can see her rubbing lotion all over her body. In another you can see her putting on makeup while she´s wearing a corset. Watch her rub oil on her body by the pool. Watch her get a snack in the kitchen while wearing next to nothing. It´s a way to be aroused and to connect with this sweet smiling babe at the same time. You´ll hear her talking in a lot of the videos, like the one where she goes to the fast food restaurant for a quick meal.

The webcam page features the chat window but there´s no schedule. There are two old videos from more than a month ago posted as well but I have no idea of Corin is doing regular shows or when they´re happening. The extras page features three wallpapers and two candid galleries. If you want to get to know her wacky side then you can check out the candid pics. In the store you can buy her panties, autographed pictures, clothing, bathing suits and more. You can also send her a gift by visiting the wish list and picking out your favorite thing.

Croco’s Opinion

Corin Riggs is a beautiful young chick with a great body. She is everything I look for in a solo model online. Whether or not you feel the same way is a matter of opinion. What´s fact is that her site is easy to browse, she has produced 20 picture galleries and 10 videos so far (as of late February, 2010) and she´s updating twice a week like she promised. The videos are high quality but streaming only right now and that´s irritating. There´s no schedule for the webcam shows so I don´t know if she´s doing them. There´s no bonus content either so the site is a little expensive. Those aren´t reasons to shy away though. She has produced some great content here and if you find her attractive on the tour you will find her irresistible in the member´s area.


The site is easy to browse and well designed. The Shadowbox gallery script is a little annoying and not having a downloadable version of each vide is a pain in the ass.

Pricing Policy

The first month costs $24.95 and each month after that is $19.99.

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